"Appreciate every Waking and Sleeping Moment."

About Me




As your childs' first teacher, you play the biggest role in your child's day and night. I am simply here to give you a helping hand and help you to see that even the smallest changes can offer huge results.


Jessica Gleason Infant Sleep Consultant

  I am an infant and toddler sleep consultant dedicated to helping your child take consistent restorative naps during the day and sleep well throughout the night. This is achieved by helping your little one develop a healthy relationship with sleep, while creating a peaceful and rested home for your family. 

  I am the mother of two young children and I have worked with children for over ten years. I began as a counselor in a residential program for children with behavior difficulties, followed by four years assisting a newborn specialist in a large metropolitan health center. In each of these roles I met parents who were consistently askining, "why is my baby asleep all day and awake all night," or "how do I get my toddler to actually stay in her bed at night?" Since then, finding researched and proven answers to these questions and many more has been the basis of my career.

  Over the past decade I have realized that becoming a parent is a life change like no other, and navigating your child's sleep must become a top priority. A rested baby is a happy baby and a rested family means a happy home.

  I grew up in Massachusetts where I also received my Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University. Now I live in Hampton, NJ with my wonderful family.