Is your child between 6 wEEks and 5 yEArs old?

Whether the changes are big or small, together we find the perfect combination of elements to get your baby or toddler on the right track. 

​Some of those elements include:

Are you overwhlemed by all the info out there?

How it Works:

The ideal Sleep Space




Is Sleep Guidance for your Family?

Between all of the books, videos, and talking heads out there it can be nearly iimpossible to know which methods are right for your family. Thats what I'm here for!


"Appreciate every Waking and Sleeping Moment."

Over the years I have found that so many new parents are dreaming of the day when their baby starts sleeping through the night or when their toddler falls in love with their big kid bed. Of course hours of blissful sleep is our goal, but my ultimate mission is to stop you from wishing those wonderful early days away. By helping your child develop healthy sleep habits today, your family will achieve that feeling of rested happiness and you can begin to appreciate every waking and sleeping moment.

It is never too early to establish a solid schedule and to be sure your child's sleep space is making him feel safe, soothed, and indepepndent.

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Jessica Gleason Infant Sleep Consultant